Fundamentals of the Fall

For those of you who may not have noticed it yet, we have begun to fall into something of a pattern during our time here at Stage #1 of God’s One Big Story.  First, we have watched and enjoyed each new segment of the Story as it has been presented to us; then, we have paused to … Continue reading »

The Perils of Personal Autonomy

When the last installment of God’s One Big Story ended, here is where we were in the Story: God had created a beautiful world, and designed it perfectly to sustain the lives of the people He would soon be creating; Then, when this earthly home was completed, God created Man, a being so much like … Continue reading »

Another Learning Interlude

With Vignette #2 just ending and with Vignette #3 not quite ready to start, we find ourselves here at Stage #1 of God’s One Big Story, once again using this brief interlude between Vignettes to study the Story we have seen so far; looking at it specifically for… Any Life Lessons that this part of … Continue reading »

The Capstone of God’s Creation

As we wait for the curtains to re-open for Vignette #2, here at Stage #1 of God’s One Big Story, let’s take a moment to recall where we were in the Story when these very same curtains were closed so abruptly on Vignette #1—The Creation of the World.  At the time, we had just witnessed … Continue reading »