Replay #22: Spiritual Warfare–Evolution and Education


The Educational System has been Satan’s Primary Tool in the Promotion of the Theory of Evolution

In this replay of our Workout Room exercises, we learn how Satan has used the Educational System to promote the Theory of Evolution as Scientific Fact, changing Man’s Way of Thinking from a Biblical Worldview to a Secular Worldview.  To learn more, please go to… Spiritual Warfare: Evolution and Education | His Truth, My Voice (

2 thoughts on “Replay #22: Spiritual Warfare–Evolution and Education

  1. Satan is working hard to kill all our children either by shooting them in school or aborting them. I believe in having guns but not assault rifles and I believe the legal age to buy a gun should be 21. That does not stop the criminals from getting guns on the streets and black market. We need for all schools to have one way to enter school once it has started, have a metal detector at that entrance and armed security guards. Satan is running wild pray hard for Christs return quickly and send Satan to hell forever.

    • Well said, Dee–but I think that before Christ returns, the Church needs to stop hiding in her buildings, go out into the world and fulfill the Commission which Christ gave her before He ascended to heaven. If the Church was being the church that Jesus had commissioned her to be, she would put Satan to flight, and he wouldn’t be having such a field day.

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