Greetings and welcome to His Truth, My Voice.org—the personal blog and web address of Judy Roberts.  I am Judy and am so glad that you found your way to what can best be described as the personal memoir of my spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.

Just so you will know, I have been a Christ follower since the age of eight, when I asked Jesus to come into my heart and become my Savior–and, except for a few rocky years as a teenager when I mistakenly thought I could handle things on my own, I have been walking with Him ever since.  It has been a challenging, sometimes frustrating–but never boring–journey of faith, about which I could write volumes.  Through it all, the Lord has been my constant companion, loving me as no one else could and, in the face of every difficulty, He has been my strength and stay.  As a result of His great faithfulness and never-ending supply of forgiveness, my love for and devotion to Him has only increased and intensified with each passing year.

My purpose in creating this blog now is simply to share some of the things that I have learned throughout my faith walk–especially the truths I have discovered through my many years of studying the Bible.  You see, my great passion in life has been to know the Bible as well as I could know it, so that I could share it with others as effectively as possible.  In knowing the Bible, we not only come to know God, His plans and purposes for mankind in general, but His plans and purposes for us as individuals as well.  It doesn’t matter whether we have been long-time followers of Christ or are those who have yet to come to know Him, we each have needs that He longs to meet as we gather together around His Word.

To learn a little more about me, please go to my first reflection, which was The Prophet is in, Just Bring Your Own Snacks;”  to learn why and how I got started blogging, you can check out my third reflection, “My Journey to the Land of Blog;and, if you are at all curious as to how I came up with the name for this blog, please see “A Detour Around the Trees.”   

Again, I am so very glad that you stopped by today and hope that you will soon feel so comfortable here that you will make it a point to stop in anytime you are on the web–you should know that the welcome mat will always be out for you!

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