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Howard would like to invite you to have a seat, relax for a few minutes, and give some thought to these devotional articles.         

Sowing and Reaping

The Principles of Sowing and Reaping Apply to Nations as Well as Individuals


Lately, in my personal Bible study, I have been working my way through Ezekiel where the principles of sowing and reaping, which we spent some time going over in our reflection Sowing, Reaping, and the Nature of the Two Trees, have been leaping off the page at me. I have found this to be especially … Continue reading

Fiery Trials

Fiery Trials…


One morning recently, I picked up my Bible and turned quite unintentionally to Psalm 34. Since so much of the news that week had been about the be-headings of twenty-one Coptic Christians by some Muslim thugs, I was approaching this passage with a very heavy heart, trying to make some sense of the seemingly wanton … Continue reading

Walking Lightly


I don’t know about you but the older I get, the darker the world seems to grow.  This may be because the farther along I walk with God, the more discerning of the world and its ways I am becoming.  Or, it could be just another indication that the long-awaited day of Jesus’ return is … Continue reading

On Making a Name

The No-Named Nobility


Yesterday, while reading the first chapter of Daniel, I became intrigued at the thought of what happened to the other exiles who, like Daniel, had been carried away to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.  In this chapter, we are told that these exiles were members of… …the royal family and the nobility, youths without blemish, of good … Continue reading

New Life


The Monday night before Easter, I casually asked my pastor husband what he would be preaching on the following Sunday.  Although he usually has it all planned out by then, he said that he didn’t have anything special in mind at that point and asked me if I had any ideas.  I thought for a … Continue reading

7 Lessons

Seven Lessons I’ve Learned Through Testing


One day almost ten years ago, as I was busy working around the house, I heard a television personality announce that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Having come from a family with an extensive history of cancer and having had my own experience with the disease, my heart immediately went out to … Continue reading

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