Replay #25: Spiritual Warfare–Gearing Up for Battle


The Christian Soldier’s Dog Tags

Having completed our survey of Satan’s Kingdom, it is now time for us to turn our attention to the gearing up of the Army of God for Battle.  So, in this replay of the Spiritual Warfare exercises from our Workout Room, we will learn about our Kingdom Uniforms and their Maintenance, the necessity of Developing a Missional Mindset, and the Defensive Weapons (aka. the Armor of God) available to us in our Spiritual Arsenal.  For more on this subject, please go to… Spiritual Warfare: Gearing Up for Battle | His Truth, My Voice (

Replay #16: Spiritual Warfare–A Question of Authority


Authorized by ChristNow that we have completed the first three levels of spiritual exercises in our Workout Room replays, it is time to move on to the fourth and final level dealing with Spiritual Warfare.  Having been prepared and matured through our Salvation, Sanctification, and Service level exercises, we are ready to take on the exercises here at this level that cover such things as the Authority which we have in Christ, the Destiny for which we are being prepared, the Nature of the Conflict in which we find ourselves, the Character and History of our Enemy, the Mapping Out of Satan’s Kingdom, the Strategies, Operations, and Tactics being used in this war, and the Defensive and Offensive Weapons that we have at our disposal.  So, to get these exercises underway, let’s make our way on over to Spiritual Warfare: A Question of Authority | His Truth, My Voice (