Replay #26: Spiritual Warfare–Taking the Offensive


The Victory Belongs to God!

In this final replay of the Spiritual Warfare exercises from our Workout Room, we prepare ourselves for taking the offensive against the Kingdom of Darkness through our discussion of the Strategies, Operations, and Tactics of Warfare, and an introduction to the Offensive Spiritual Weapons that have been made available to us through Jesus Christ.  To learn more, please go to… Spiritual Warfare: Taking the Offensive | His Truth, My Voice (

Replay #17: Spiritual Warfare–Preparation for Our Destiny

Crown of Righteousness

Is There a Crown in Your Future?

Here at the fourth and final level of Spiritual Exercises in our Workout Room, we have arrived at a place of spiritual maturity where we must begin to engage in Spiritual Warfare.  As Sons and Daughters of God, and as the Bride of Christ, it is essential that we learn how to effectively deal with the enemies of God our Father and of our Beloved Bridegroom.  Here in Replay #17, we will learn that when we do, we are actually preparing for our future Destiny of Ruling and Reigning with Christ Spiritual Warfare: Preparation for Our Destiny | His Truth, My Voice (

Replay #10: Service–Continuing the Work of Christ in the World


Now that we have finished with the replay of exercises at the Sanctification Level in our Workout Room series, it is time to move on to those exercises in the Service division of that program.  The first of these can be found here, with a replay of…Service: Continuing the Work of Christ in the World | His Truth, My Voice (

Replay #9: Sanctification–Restoring the Soul Through Worship


Worship Brings Our Wills into Alignment with God’s Will

Here is the replay of the last exercise in our series of exercises on Sanctification.  In it, we learn that the Holy Spirit uses Worship to bring our wills into alignment with the Will of God.  To learn more, please go to Sanctification: Restoring the Soul through Worship | His Truth, My Voice (

Replay #8: Sanctification–Restoring the Soul Through the Word of God



Continuing on in the replay of our Workout Room Series of discipleship training exercises, we have come to Replay #8–on how the Holy Spirit uses the Word of God to transform our minds and restore our souls to their original function.  Please be blessed as you read…Sanctification: Restoring the Soul through God’s Word | His Truth, My Voice (


Replay #6: Sanctification–The Work of the Holy Spirit


The Three-in-One: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

In the on-going review of our Disciple Training Series–Workout Room–here is the second exercise at the Sanctification level, an exercise which will help us understand the important role that the Holy Spirit plays in our lives.  It is found at… Sanctification: The Work of the Holy Spirit | His Truth, My Voice (

A Message for Our Times…


Jesus is about to take Center Stage!

Although I don’t usually share other people’s videos here, this one by Tim Sheets, given this past Sunday (2/21/22), is such a powerful and encouraging one that I believe it needs to be shared.  So, be blessed as you listen to this word from the Lord for our times.



Replay #3: Salvation–Do We Have a Choice in the Matter?


Who Decides?

In this replay of our previous post, Salvation: Do We Have a Choice in the Matter? | His Truth, My Voice (, we tackle the tricky and often confusing subject of Predestination and Election.  I hope this rather brief explanation will help eliminate some of that confusion.