Act 1, Scene 2–The Betrothal


As you may recall, in Act 1, Scene 1 of God’s One Big Story, we were introduced to God as “The Celestial Suitor” who, in anticipation of obtaining a Bride for Himself, created and prepared the world as her future home.  Here at Stage 2, in Scene 2, we will be introduced to the Patriarchs—the line of godly ancestors through whom Israel, God’s Future Wife, will come into being.  Much like Scene 1, where the story was told through the use of 9 Vignettes, in Scene 2, this part of the story will be told through the 4 Bio-Pics, or four biographical pictures, of the men whose stories are recorded for us in Genesis 12-50.  These ancestors are…

Abraham—the Exalted Father who becomes the Father of a Multitude;
Isaac—the Long-Awaited Son of Promise who displaces the Son born in Bondage;
Jacob—the Scheming Shepherd who becomes a Prince with God; and,
Joseph—the Betrayed Brother who not only becomes His Brothers’ Savior but also the Savior of the World.


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