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May 13 of this year marked the 10th anniversary of His Truth, My Voice, and in celebration of that I decided that it was time to make a few changes.  The first thing I did was move this site to a new webhosting company and once there, the next thing I did was create a new website–one dedicated to teaching the Bible as God’s One Big Story!  Needless to say, I have been very busy the past couple of months getting it set up and now that all of the introductory lessons have been posted, I am happy to be able to refer you to that new site.

As for His Truth, My Voice, it will still be around but with a different look. I have just begun the process of updating it so be advised that if/when you visit, it might be undergoing a bit of remodeling–so please be patient! To all those who have followed this site over the years and have prayed for me, thank you so much. At the moment, I have no idea the direction that the Lord wants to take with it so be sure to check back periodically and be surprised along with me! 🙂

Hope you will visit and support me at God’s One Big Story – Where the Bible is Made Understandable ( –and that I will see you there soon!




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