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Hi, and welcome to His Truth, My Voice!  My name is Judy Roberts and since January, 2014, I have been leading a study tour of the Bible which is unique in at least two ways. First, it is a Rocking and Rolling train trip through the Word of God–a trip which is taking us deep into the Land of Revelation Knowledge.  Second, upon our arrival in the Land of Revelation Knowledge, we began having the Bible presented to us as a Love Story in the format of a stage play.  


All Aboard


Horatio, our travel agent, would like you to know that you can join the tour at any time; however, to get the most benefit from it, he suggests that you go back and catch up on as much of the preparatory work that we have done as possible.  Toward that end, he thinks that it would be a good idea–when you have the time–to start with the January 30, 2014 reflection, For Everything There is a Season…There’s Even One to Rock and Roll and read forward.   To make things a little easier, here are the links to those posts, arranged in chronological order:


For Everything There is a Season…There’s Even One to Rock and Roll
Some Tips for Our Trip Through the Word
All Aboard…For Salvation!
Next Stop…New Birth!
Now…On to the Welcome Center of the Word
More About the Bible…From Booth #1
Time Out for a Baggage Check at Booth #2
Mapping Out the Land of Revelation Knowledge
Time Out for a Vision Check at Booth #4
Meeting Our Guide, and Getting Connected to His SPS
Let’s Recap, Rethink, Replace–and Then Resume
Making the Most of Our Travel Time
All the World’s a Stage, and Life its Cosmic Drama
Here at Last, at Stage #1…
…Where it is Showtime for God’s One Big Story!
Between the Vignettes
The Capstone of God’s Creation
Another Learning Interlude
The Perils of Personal Autonomy
Fundamentals of the Fall
The Fruit of the Fall
Sowing, Reaping, and the Nature of the Two Trees
Fruit Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree
Closing the Case on Cain and Abel
Vignette #5:  Our Lineup to the Flood
Searching for Truth in the First Book of Begats
But Noah…
Obedience Doesn’t Come Cheap
The Washing of the World
God Remembers…
Beginning Again…
A New World, An Old Nature 

Blessing, Cursing, and Big Time Rebellion
More Blessing, Cursing, and Big Time Rebellion
The Biblical Overture


It is so nice to have you with us and, oh yeah…Welcome aboard!

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