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Now…On to the Welcome Center of the Word

Well…we have made it across the border!  Having received the gift of God’s glorious Salvation as the result of the New Birth, we have left behind the spiritual bondage and death so characteristic of the dark, barren land of the natural life, and are now entering the vibrant, verdant, and fruit–filled land of the Spirit—a land simply exploding with light and liberty!  I hope you have already noticed the change in the atmosphere.


Enjoy the Beautiful Vistas of this New Land


Something else to take notice of as you eagerly survey this brand-new landscape, is that the land through which we are now traveling is one that is filled with peaks and valleys:  majestic peaks, blanketed with trees of every size, shape, and variety; and deep, lush valleys—teeming with life of every sort—that are all well-watered by the streams cascading down from those very same peaks.  Although from here, it may look like our trip will be one of continuous highs and lows, overall, it will actually be one of steady ascent, as we stay on a course traveling due east, heading toward our destination of the ever-intensifying light and land of the Son of God.

I think it only fair to warn you that while they are not visible from our present location, there will be some desert areas and stretches of wilderness that we must pass through before we can arrive at that highly desired destination.  Certainly, these will be the least pleasant—and possibly even the lengthiest—parts of our travels; however, once we get to our journey’s end, I am sure that we will find our experiences there to have been some of the most instructive and valuable ones of the entire trip.

Before going any farther, though, there is one more stop that we must make.  It is just up ahead at the Welcome Center of the Word—the place where we can get essential information about the wonderful new world where we now find ourselves, as well as instructions which should help make the time we spend here more meaningful.


Be Sure to Visit all Five Booths!


As you enter the center, you will see that there five information booths set up around the perimeter of the room.  Although you may not think that you need to visit all five, I would strongly suggest that you do, because each one will have something unique to give you which will make your time in the Word more fruitful.  For instance:

  • At Booth #1…you will obtain a brochure describing the Bible—what it is and what it isn’t; a little pamphlet that will be prove to be most helpful in getting and keeping your expectations in check;
  • At Booth #2…you will have the opportunity to identify and check the baggage that you have brought with you—particularly any baggage that will negatively impact your ability to navigate freely through this new land;
  • At Booth #3…you can obtain a map detailing the limitations or boundaries imposed upon all those who are visiting here;
  • At Booth #4…you will be given the opportunity to have your spiritual vision checked, to ensure that you will be able to see the Truths awaiting you in the Word up ahead; and,
  • At Booth #5…you will be introduced to our Guide, the Holy Spirit, and get connected to His SPS—the Spirit Positioning System—and instructed as to its use.  This device will prove to be invaluable should you ever get lost along the way. 

With that being said, it’s everyone off the train, and on to the Welcome Center of the Word!  Please be sure to stop by Booth #1 first and pick up a copy of the Bible brochure.  It looks like this…


A Brochure for the Word of God
This Brochure is Sure to Come in Handy on our Journey


If you find that this information isn’t sufficient to meet your needs, we can address the attributes of the Bible in greater detail a little later on.






For the time being, though, let’s join Shane and Shane in giving thanks for the wonderful gift of spiritual “Liberty” that is making this journey possible for us…




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