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Today, as we are remembering those who have died in the pursuit of our freedoms, I would like to remember my uncle George who, after serving in WWII, was later sent to Korea where he was killed, buried in a mass grave, and classified as MIA for over fifty years! Thank you for your service and sacrifice!



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  • Mariana Rooker

    Thank you for sharing that, Judy. So many of us forget how many families were affected by the wars. My grandmother had 5 white stars in the window during WWII, but none were gold. That doesn’t mean there weren’t losses from serving. We always watch the Memorial Day Concert on WHRO. It is a good reminder of why we have this day to pause, reflect, and be thankful. We have a grandson at VMI and in 2 years he will be serving in the Army.
    I hope you and John are doing well.
    Blessings, Mariana

    • Judy

      Hi Mariana, it’s so nice to hear from you. Sorry for the delay in responding–I have had some technical issues which prevented me from logging on to the website. You are right about the losses from serving–some stay undetected and buried within the veterans themselves and trouble them throughout the remainder of their lives. All five of my mother’s brothers served in WWII and several of them came back with emotional wounds that never healed. My uncle George was my grandmother’s youngest son and although he came home safely from WWII, being a restless sort, he re-enlisted and was sent to Korea. The fact that he was missing in action, and she never knew what happened to him, troubled my grandmother until her death at 93. The mass grave he was in was discovered just about five years before my mother passed, and I am so glad that both she and another brother were still alive then so that they could provide the DNA that helped identify my uncle. So much heartache all around! By the way, we plan on being in NN next weekend and hope to be in church on the 11th–hopefully we will see you then!

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