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    Sanctification:  Restoring the Soul through Prayer

    During our previous exercise in Sanctification, we learned that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to… Birth us as the spiritual children of God; then, Mature us into sons and daughters of God who are committed to carrying on the work of Christ in the world. While the birthing part of the Spirit’s work is accomplished at the time of our Regeneration, the maturing part is something which takes place over time, as the Spirit works relentlessly yet lovingly within us to restore our souls to their original function as mediators between our spirits and bodies—or, as the conduits through which the knowledge of God’s will is transferred from…

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    1-Bible Story Posts, Preliminaries

    Meeting Our Guide, and Getting Connected to His SPS

    In preparation for the next leg of our journey into the Land of Revelation Knowledge, we have visited the first four of the five information booths located here at the Welcome Center of the Word.  During these visits, we have: Been introduced briefly to the Bible—and learned a little about what it is and what it isn’t; Been made aware of, and hopefully eliminated some of, the baggage that each of us has brought along on this trip; Been shown the boundaries , or the limitations placed upon, the knowledge that will be made available to us in the land up ahead; and, Examined our spiritual vision to be sure…