• The Critic's Hat
    2-Bible Story Posts, Act 1, Scene 1--the Overture

    Fundamentals of the Fall

    Although you may not have noticed it yet, we have begun to fall into something of a pattern during our time here at Stage #1 of God’s One Big Story.  First, we have watched and enjoyed each new segment of the Story as it has been presented to us; then, we have paused to analyze each new segment to see what we could take away from it.  In effect, what we have been doing is donning two different hats for each of our theatrical outings—the first hat made expressly for the devoted, theatre-going patron who is just out for an evening’s entertainment, while the other is perfectly suited for the questioning,…

  • 2-Bible Story Posts, Act 1, Scene 1--the Overture

    The Perils of Personal Autonomy

      When the last installment of God’s One Big Story ended, here is where we were in the Story: God had created a beautiful world and designed it perfectly to sustain the lives of the people He would soon be creating. When this earthly home was completed, God created Man, a being so much like Himself that he would have no problem in being adopted as one of God’s Sons. Next, God created a Garden Sanctuary where He and the Man could meet regularly for fellowship, and upon its completion, He placed the man in the Garden and designated it as his new home. As it was a grace gift…