The Prophet is In, Just Bring Your Own Snacks

Welcoming Entrance

Welcome to My Home on the Web!

Hi, my name is Judy Roberts, and I am so pleased to be able to welcome you to my new home on the web.  If you have any interest in things of a spiritual nature—and by spiritual, I mean those of the Christ-honoring kind—please feel free to stop in and visit me whenever you can.  Just a note, though:  if you were visiting with me in my brick and mortar home right now, I would be doing my best to make you feel more at ease by offering you some coffee or tea, and perhaps one of my homemade apple squares or killer chocolate chip cookies.  However, given the limitations imposed upon us by the nature of the web, I am sorry to have to inform you that when you visit me here in the future, you will be on your own as far as snacks are concerned.  So, let me encourage you to get those lined up before you sit down at the computer—that way, our conversations won’t suffer from quite so many interruptions (although bathroom breaks are certainly understandable).

Since you have absolutely no idea who in the world I am, I guess the best way to begin our new relationship would be by introducing myself to you.  The long and the short of it is this:  I am the wife of John, the mother of David, Matthew (aka Alex), Andrew, Joshua, and Jason, the grandmother of Devin, Lawrence, and Elliot–and, most importantly, a devoted follower of Christ.  I have worked for over thirty years in a Christian television ministry, first as a tailor in the wardrobe department, then as a wardrobe stylist and costumer, and most recently as one of the schedulers for its busy makeup and hair department.

Although I haven’t done a single thing to merit the world’s attention—that is, I haven’t written any books, gone on any speaking tours, or even taught a Bible study on a regular basis recently—I have lived quite an interesting life, and one that has been far from boring.  That’s because I have somehow managed to develop an unusual knack for getting into trouble, even when sitting in a locked room all by myself.  I just don’t understand how I do it; by nature, I am a quiet, introverted person—someone who tries to mind her own business, and someone who will go to almost any length to avoid conflict or confrontation of any kind—and yet, I have repeatedly found myself in some of the strangest predicaments that you could have imagined.  That’s because, in spite of my own timid and fearful disposition, I have had to:

  • Live a life of total dependence upon the Lord, never knowing when or how my needs were going to be met (even though I would much rather have had the security of a regular income with all the fringe benefits that usually come with it);
  • “Woman up” and learn to confront people who were out of line, even people who were in positions of authority, when I would have preferred digging a hole, crawling into it, and pulling the dirt back over my head; and,
  • Die, die, and die again to my own natural inclination to please others, choosing instead to please God, so that I could find the voice that He had given me to use for His purposes.

Why?  So I could be transformed from the spiritual wimp that I once was into the woman of spiritual substance that I am now.  Although this transformation hasn’t been an easy one, and certainly all my kicking and screaming didn’t help speed up the process any, I now realize that all of these adventures in faith have been an essential part of the training that I needed if I was ever going to be trusted to speak for God.  Now, having come to that all-important realization, I would like to share with you, my new friend, just how God has used those experiences, and the many lessons that I have learned through them, to prepare me to be what I can only describe as His most reluctant prophet.

I hope you know that the welcome mat will always be out for you here, so please feel free drop in whenever you are in my neck of the web.  Just remember to BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks!)—and a comfy chair wouldn’t hurt either.


Please Make Yourself Comfortable



12 thoughts on “The Prophet is In, Just Bring Your Own Snacks

  1. I can’t imagine what this is like for people who don’t know you! I think this is a GREAT representation of who you are and how good of God to give you this platform…. I just wish the world could see how precious you look telling these stories in person. So proud of you sis!!!

  2. You have arrived on the www. We look forward to how God is going to use you to bless Him in the lives of His children. If people only knew what God has done in your life and wants to do in theirs also. As you lift high Jesus Christ, The Son of God, we know He will be glorified through your new ministry.

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